Fell Runner

by Fell Runner



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"For me, going to music school was a practical choice. Through my studies, I discovered a personal, relevant social relationship with music, as well as an artistic philosophy based in existentialist thought. I was studying jazz, but I wanted to use that history and the tools of the craft to make a statement based on my experiences. I was looking for - and I found - a community of peers who sought to do the same. We started our own bands, played our original compositions and explored our own concepts. Some music we made stayed close to tradition. Some was very far from it. But it was ours – it was our music. And so it goes, this is the journey.

I see a similar movement among young musicians finding their voices in Los Angeles today. Fell Runner grew from both the music program at CalArts and its four musician's individual and collective journeys as a band. Their music is unique. Jagged, but also soulful and melodic. A noted West African influence surfaces in many of the guitar constructions, but I also hear fragments of sound reminiscent of Ian Williams and co. via Pittsburgh through Don Caballero, Chicago thru Storm and Stress and finally Brooklyn thru Battles. There are moments of abstract harmonic complexity (Cobwebs) and beauty (Fall Back) that are unmatched, to my ears, by any bands around today."

-Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Brian Blade Fellowship, AACM, etc)


released August 18, 2015

Steven van Betten - Guitar and Vocals
Gregory Uhlmann - Guitar and Vocals
Patrick Kelly - Bass
Tim Carr - Drums and Vocals

with Lauren Baba - Viola on "Cobwebs"

Engineered and Mixed by Greg Hartunian at Spherical Plot
Mastered by Carl Saff

"Song of the Sun", "Better Isn't Always Better", "CA-14", "Rain Room", and "Fall Back" © Steven van Betten (ASCAP)

"60 Seconds", "Badada", and "Cobwebs" © Gregory Uhlmann (ASCAP)

Published by Fell Runner (ASCAP


Photography & Design by Eron Rauch



all rights reserved



Orenda Records Los Angeles, California

"Orenda Records is a small Southern California label that punches above its weight... Orenda’s offerings are informed by rock, modern classical, and jazz, and combine these genres in a natural, organic fashion... Orenda’s musicians grew up in a post-Braxton era where musical styles are viewed on a continuum rather than as individual silos of expression."
–Avant Music News
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Track Name: Song of the Sun
lay your head to rest / high up in the nest / lost within a dream / closer then it seems

the sun comes with her song / waits the whole night long / holds you like the one until the morning comes

take a look into / a place you thought you knew / deep within the skin / of your skeleton

strength all through the night / guides you to the light / shine it deep inside / the darkness that you hide
Track Name: 60 Seconds
forty thousand faceless friends taking mundane picture through a filtered lens / memory lane is a click away / load your pictures in / let your brain decay

self identification with all the ones and zeros on the internet / show me what I should think about / it’s the thought that hurts not the looking out

look at the screen / shiny and clean / who am I on my profile? / solipsistic tendency thrives / live life for joy while you’re alive

shut out the beeps / bleeps on the screen / take a break / contemplate / it’s all a lie / government ties / watching you close from the inside

feel the earth underneath your feet / that’s what’s really real / not the streaming feed

breath the air though it’s laced with smog / it’s still better than all the digital fog
Track Name: Better Isn't Always Better
opposites make everything true / so be it / connections are coming unglued / so free it

better isn’t always better / so live it / better isn’t always better /so give it

separation’s losing it’s touch / so be it / translation just doesn’t mean much / so free it

better isn’t always better / so live it / better isn’t always better / so give it
Track Name: CA-14
drive on a highway out of here / time left back where we came / sun framed up in a rear view mirror / low and softly turning blue

try hard to find what brought me here / and what I left behind / sky infinitely blue and clear / thoughts seeping from my mind
Track Name: Badada
four long years / I can’t think of the sound / snowfall / last call / stand tall / falling down

fucked up kids spray signs on the walls / LA / don’t stay / OK / I’ll go home

driving fast through smog in the sky / can’t sleep / don’t breath / that’s me / waving bye

desert land where no thing dwells / people come and dig their wells / taunting the land

in the heat the people cry / having wasted half their lives / when will it pour?

soon enough I’ll feel the rain / wash away all of my pain / free my spirit
Track Name: Cobwebs
In the dead of night I see your face before mine / cobwebs stuck between / the face of time keeps ticking on / cobwebs stuck between / the face of time keeps ticking on

to undo the memory / keep trying / to undo the memory / keep trying / to undo the memory / keep trying / to undo the memory / keep trying
Track Name: Rain Room
I stood in a room that made me feel the rain / fall from dark grey skies to meet this window pane / once so long ago I stood in this same room with another soul that moved as I stood still
Track Name: Fall Back
the moment came when the air was cold / the earth was a mist and the moon was old and dying / a glimpse of light shinning over head / looked at through the eyes of a man who laid down fallen

and so he lays now looking up and face to face / with a decision that he has known is calling / oh do I run to where my eyes can see / or fall back and trust that my heart will lead me

because I was afraid to fall back into arms that I had fallen into before / oh but fate or a higher spirit let me know that i'd be safe and not to be afraid anymore

and so he fell with his arms tucked in / eyes gently closed with nothing there to stop him / then love came and broke his fall and lifted him up to his feet till he was standing tall

because I was afraid to fall back into arms that I had fallen into before / oh but fate or a higher spirit let me know that I'd be safe and not to be afraid anymore

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