1. Unofficial
    Rachel Beetz

  2. 17 Days in December
    Jacqueline Kerrod

  3. Towers
    Atticus Reynolds

  4. Comfort in Danger

  5. EFG Trio: Transliminal Rites
    Eyal Maoz, Frank London & Guy Barash

  6. Nexus Remixes, Vol. 1
    Nick DePinna

  7. Refraction
    Dan Rosenboom, Billy Mohler & Anthony Fung

  8. Ceremony
    Jake Vossler & Dan Rosenboom

  9. Alter Ego
    Zane Carney Quartet

  10. Fragile Lucidity
    Matthew Yeakley Trio

  11. Heard By Others (EP)
    Lenny Pickett & John Hadfield

  12. Reabsorb
    Jon Armstrong

  13. Points on an Infinite Line
    Dan Rosenboom

  14. Midnight Masquerade
    Snow Nerds

  15. Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering
    Caleb Dolister

  16. Rainbow Baby
    Cathlene Pineda

  17. Believers
    Believers - Brad Shepik, Sam Minaie, John Hadfield

  18. Swong

  19. Language
    Matt Mayhall & Dan Rosenboom

  20. Veritas Vincit
    Pedja Milutinovic Drumbooty

  21. Nope,science
    Logan Kane

  22. More Than Anything
    Jon Hatamiya

  23. Absurd in the Anthropocene
    Dan Rosenboom

  24. Fontis

  25. Naked Allies
    Daniel Rorke

  26. NOICE
    Alexander Noice

  27. Desert Music (EP)
    Ben Rempel

  28. Ghosts of Merced
    R. Scott

  29. The Art of Unfolding, Volume I
    Tim Conley (feat. Elliott Levin, Dan Rosenboom & Matt Mayhall)

  30. Nexus Music, Vol. 1 (EP)
    Nick DePinna

  31. Trio Subliminal
    Dan Rosenboom, Jake Vossler & Tina Raymond

  32. Live In Santa Monica
    Samantha Boshnack's Seismic Belt

  33. Very Stable Genius
    Bryan McAllister

  34. Out of Orbit
    Jim Piela

  35. American Circus
    Burning Ghosts

  36. The Manual of Light
    James Newton

  37. Mask
    David Dominique

  38. Last Call
    Steuart Liebig Men-Tot Six

  39. Watt Doom
    Twin Whales

  40. Polytope
    Daniel Corral

  41. Experiments on Human Subjects
    Evil Genius

  42. American Mirror
    Derrick Spiva, Jr.

  43. Trajectory
    The Vinny Golia Sextet

  44. Portalis
    Zack Teran

  45. Fine Dining

  46. Beyond The Void
    DR. MiNT

  47. Imaginary Hero
    The Evan Francis Group

  48. Mimosas
    Richard Lloyd Giddens, Jr.

  49. Grey Sky
    David Tranchina

  50. Seven American Monuments
    Red Oak Duo

  51. Road Songs
    Android Trio

  52. Gup Life
    Snow Nerds

  53. Yar
    Scot Ray & Vicki Ray

  54. Left Right Left
    Tina Raymond

  55. Skyward Eye
    Jonathan Rowden Group

  56. Voices In The Void
    DR. MiNT

  57. Heyo!
    Sam Minaie

  58. Sound Etiquette
    Sound Etiquette

  59. Burnt Hibiscus
    Jon Armstrong

  60. Music Made With Voices
    Alexander Noice

  61. Screaming While Playing
    A Conrad Trio

  62. Furiously Dreaming
    Nathan Hubbard/Skeleton Key Orchestra

  63. Burning Ghosts
    Burning Ghosts

  64. Ballast
    Gavin Templeton

  65. Passing: A California Suite
    Cathlene Pineda

  66. Book of Storms
    Dan Rosenboom

  67. Versus
    Jake Vossler & Aaron McLendon

  68. Ryoanji
    Christine Tavolacci with Bonnie Whiting

  69. Resonance
    Dan Rosenboom

  70. Bitter Human
    Evil Genius

  71. Fell Runner
    Fell Runner

  72. Diamond Pulses
    Daniel Corral

  73. Prisms, Cycles, Leaps
    Derrick Spiva Jr. & Bridge To Everywhere

  74. Acceleration
    Weston/Saxon Groove Assembly

  75. Promise of A Tree
    Trevor Anderies

  76. ...The Ayes Have It, Vol. 1 (Self Portraits in Percussion)
    Randy Gloss

  77. Kid Songs
    Ryan Dragon

  78. Astral Transference & Seven Dreams
    Dan Rosenboom

  79. Inn Paradiso
    Kubilay Üner

  80. Source Code
    Michael Mull Octet

  81. Clean Numbers / Dirty Words
    The Matthew Yeakley Group

  82. Three
    Walsh Set Trio

  83. Some Spinning, Some At Rest
    Gavin Templeton Trio

  84. Farewell
    Jon Armstrong Jazz Orchestra

  85. Becoming
    Jonathan Rowden Group

  86. Kingsize Sessions
    DR. MiNT

  87. Unsayable Absence
    Dan Rosenboom

  88. Ritual
    DR. MiNT

  89. A Week's Time
    Cathlene Pineda

  90. Boiling High Idol
    Falsetto Teeth

  91. Fire Keeper
    Dan Rosenboom


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"Orenda Records punches above its weight... informed by rock, modern classical, and jazz, and combine these genres in a natural, organic fashion... Orenda’s musicians grew up in a post-Braxton era where musical styles are viewed on a continuum rather than as individual silos of expression."
–Avant Music News
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